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How to Brew Perfect Green Tea

Tea leaves that have been meticulously prepared and carefully transported thousands of miles deserves to be brewed in the proper way. Time and care is essential in the brewing process.



We offer only whole tea leaves so that you can appreciate the fullness of the leaves expanding as they come back to life in hot water. 

Follow these four steps to brew the perfect Green Tea

Step 1

The optimum water temperature for green tea is 80-90 degree Celsius: You can achieve this by leaving boiling water to stand for 5 minutes before use

Step 2

Depending on how strong you prefer it, 1-2 teaspoons should be added to a cup or teapot with 300ml of water

Step 3

Rinse the tea leaves briefly with hot water in a cup or teapot (filled roughly a third of the way) and drain after 30 seconds

Step 4

Then brew the rinsed leaves for 2-3 minutes and enjoy


        • Our high quality whole leaves can be infused 3-5 times
        • Milk is not recommended for green tea

        We have a selection of authentic Chinese tea-ware coming soon – so that you can enjoy the perfect cup, the proper way.