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Our story

Green tea is synonymous with China — Pinestone Tea represents the very best of this magnificent and vast country with thousands of years of unique history and a scale that many can barely comprehend.

About Pinestone Tea

Our tea masters, who have honed their art over many decades, use traditional techniques perfected and passed down over thousands of years.

They painstakingly prepare our tea by hand before we export it to Britain to be enjoyed by a nation of tea-lovers.

Why Pinestone?

The name recalls its founder’s name 松岩 (Pine on a Rock) as well as a celebrated line by Tang dynasty poet Wang Wei: “明月松間照,清泉石上流” translated as “Through pines the bright moon glows, upon rocks the clear spring flows”. 

Social Responsibility

The world we live in is full of people and companies seeking to make money. Sometimes at the cost of others. That isn’t the Pinestone way.

We are driven by a vision of bringing authentic Chinese teas to the UK market, but we also uphold the following values:

  • Everyone in the tea supply chain deserves to be treated with respect, paid fairly, and afforded good working conditions
  • All tea should be ethically sourced and fully traceable
  • Businesses should make more effort to be fully carbon neutral. We are a Carbon Neutral Company
  • Packaging should be recyclable as far as possible with minim use of plastics in our packaging
  • Green tea is a beverage with proven physical and mental benefits and should be available and enjoyed by many


Danzhai Poverty Alleviation

We work with a scheme called the Danzhai Poverty Alleviation Tea Garden, shown above. The scheme addresses unemployment in the tea-growing sector and has established a 1,000-acre tea garden which is rented out to participants at 4,900 yuan (£560) each year. By sourcing our tea from this scheme, we help to create and sustain jobs.